Bear on Stairs

I could watch this forever. A brilliant animation created from 3D-printed frames. Made by DBLG London. More info:

Pushing Points Toolkit for MODO

I just discovered the Pushing Points Toolkit for MODO by William Vaughan. An invaluable set of tools for SubD modeling.

Snowball – night version

To familiarize myself with VrayforC4D I made a new and slightly longer version of my 99frames submission from earlier this year. I redid the lighting and rendering to give it a cozy late night look.
No sound added (yet).

“Snowball” 99frames 2012 entry (clay render)

Here’s a clay render of my 99frames entry for this year. Some more modeling and texturing needs to be don before the end of the month.
I’ve planned to make a breakdown after the project has been submitted.

More info about the 99frames project can be found here:

Place 3D models on your website with Sketchfab

Here's an example of a 3D model I published on Sketchfab (click on the title to see the full article). Sketchfab makes it very easy to show 3D models online. Lately they've released a few new exportes that make it a one click proces to publish them directly from within your 3D application. Works with HTML5 and WebGL. More info can be found here: ...

3D street painting combined with 3D augmented reality

The talented artist Leon Keer asked me to help him add an extra dimension to one of his street paintings. Leon travels all over the world to make amazing 3D street art. I was honored to be a part of this project. Modeled, textured and animated with Cinema 4D. AR content developed with Blender and Metaio Creator. More images can be found here. ...

Adobe User Group meeting “Online 3D”

Friday , September 14th, the Adobe User Group Nederland organized a meeting called Online 3D. A variety of speakers entered the stage to show the latest developments in the field of (online) interactive 3D. For those who missed it, I've collected some info and links: Derk De Geus from Paladin Studios The Art of Momonga Pinball Adventures Twitter: @derkdegeus @paladinstudios More info AUGNL ...

Head turntable

Here’s the first result of a project I’ve been working on lately. Started out with box modeling in Cinema 4D and animated using Pose Morphs. Please feel free to post your comments, the main purpose of this project is to learn new techniques.

Special thanks to Stefan D. Voigt for his eye ball rig.

To be continued…

Make your own video library with Usher

Tutorials seem to be popping up everywhere lately. Software vendors often provide free training material and lots of artists share their knowledge by making tutorials. Some are better than others, but the fact is, there’s a huge and ever growing collection of knowledge concealed in these video’s. Wouldn’t it be great if you could collect all of them in your own personal reference library? ...

Getting comfortable with Cinema 4D (part 1)

In the past I tried a lot of different layouts for Cinema 4D. The default layouts are a good start, but I never really liked the concept of switching layouts for different tasks, like modeling or animation. I wanted to be able to do everything in one layout. One of the great things about the Cinema 4D interface is the ability to customize it. So my first step was to just combine everything. This ...